Balcony power plant winner


New building, Noordtec

Balcony power plant winner

16. October 2023

Last week we were able to hand over the balcony power plant, consisting of two…

New building, Noordtec

Moving into our new building

18. September 2023

As of today, you can find us in our newly built company headquarters, Burgstraße 69…

New building, Photovoltaics

AUBLOG | The PV system hits the roof

25. May 2023

This week, our own PV system is being installed on our new building.

New building

#BAUBLOG | Everything according to plan

31. January 2023

The work is progressing in line with the construction schedule. As things stand, there's nothing…

New building

#BAUBLOG | Progress is being made

7. October 2022

By now, you can really imagine where and how we will be working from around…

New building

#BAUBLOG | Topping-out ceremony

24. August 2022

The building shell is complete! Yesterday, we were able to celebrate our topping-out ceremony with…

New building

#BAUBLOG | First inspection with the team

18. July 2022

To increase the anticipation of our new company building a little more, we took the…

New building

#BAUBLOG | The basic framework is in place

28. June 2022

The basic framework for the first production hall is in place.

New building

#BAUBLOG | Brickwork in production hall 1

17. June 2022

The brickwork of the office building's ground floor is almost complete. The masonry works on…

New building

#BAUBLOG | Brickwork on the ground floor of our new office building

31. May 2022

Progress is clearly being made with the new building. Particularly since the civil engineering work…