Zapfsäule einer BioCNG Tankstelle von Noordtec für die Stadtwerke Rostock
Plant technology for biogas, natural gas, compressed natural gas (CNG)

Biogas filling stations and CNG system technology made by Noordtec

Over 20 years of experience

Your manufacturer for BioCNG refuelling stations and CNG systems

We support you during your biogas and CNG plant projects: From small filling stations in company yards to medium-sized public filling stations to systems that supply entire public transport companies: Noordtec offers you a broad range of services in the field of biogas/natural gas refuelling systems, from consulting to planning, engineering, production, delivery, installation and commissioning.

Our experts will advise and support you in all phases of the project cycle and beyond. With our nationwide service network, we offer you short response times via online access or in person on site.

Benefit from our expertise in the energy sector and strong partnerships with established manufacturers.


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Biogas Tankstelle im Abendlicht

Convert your biogas into fuel

The proportion of BioCNG at petrol stations is increasing further.
The reasons for this are good:
• CNG and BioCNG are the fuel with the lowest CO2 emissions during combustion (-25% compared to petrol, -10% compared to diesel)
• BioCNG can be produced from 100% renewable sources and is carbon-neutral.
• Sustainable biogas is free from the CO2 levy..
• Processed biogas can be transported like natural gas via the gas grid.
• The vehicle technology is reliable, suitable for everyday use and available.

In addition, trading with the greenhouse gas emission quota can be worthwhile.
Biogas to fuel - with your own BioCNG fuelling station
We provide you with the right infrastructure.

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CNG Tanks in einer Tankanlage von Noordtec

Refuelling technology for biogas and compressed natural gas (CNG)

What are your requirements? We will work together with you to develop the perfect solution for your biogas or CNG project.

Noordtec offers you turnkey solutions including engineering, production, start-up and customer service for Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands in the field of BioCNG/natural gas refuelling systems.

Whether for cars, lorries, buses or commercial vehicles - our natural gas refuelling systems are of the highest quality and state of the art.

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Everything from a single source & 24/7 service

Biogas filling stations
made by Noordtec

From planning to engineering, approval, initial operation and service: we are proud to have supported these customers with their biogas projects.

Biogas fuelling stations - references
CNG Bus tankt an Biomethan Tankstelle von Noordtec in Neuss
Königs Pflanzenenergie GmbH & Co. KG

Königs Pflanzenenergie GmbH & Co. KG in Neuss

Königs Pflanzenenergie has been working on the subject of biogas for a long time and has decided to produce its own fuel and market it locally.

Biogastankstelle von Noordtec in Seedorf bei Zeven
Kriete und Partner GmbH aus Seedorf

Contruction company Kriete und Partner GmbH in Seedorf

Kriete und Partner GmbH, based in Seedorf in Lower Saxony, was an early adopter of alternative mobility as a sustainably orientated construction company.

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Quality from northwest Germany

Made in Germany

• Production in Westerstede, Germany
• Development, testing and production in one place
• Quality made in Germany down to the last detail
• Team with more than 20 years of experience
• 24/7 service with various support centres in Europe

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Everything under control - everytime

Noordtec's software solutions & In house programming of the controller

Is the pressure correct? Are the fuel dispensers and pumps working properly? Are there any malfunctions? How many refuelling operations were carried out yesterday?

Noordtec's own software solution provides you with the right answers to these questions - in real time regardless where you are!

With our dashboards, all important data is visualised directly at a glance. The best thing about it: you decide how the visualisation should look and which values are displayed.

Certified Quality

Our certificates

We are not only certified by TÜV Nord as a WHG specialist company, but also in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 (quality management) and DIN ISO 45001 (management system for health and safety at work)

— About the certificates

Nanometer einer CNG Tankanlage

Noordtec's services in CNG plant construction

  • Compressing stations
  • Pressure boosting systems
  • Tank testing systems
  • Storage tanks
  • Plant upgrades
  • L-CNG gasification
  • Slow/fast-fill systems
  • Truck/car dispensers
  • Own fuelling pumps with PTB approval
  • 285 bar technology
  • Industrial applications

CNG filling stations from Noordtec

These biogas or CNG plants were built by Noordtec or are maintained by us 24/7.

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