14. February 2024

New opportunities for companies to install PV systems

PV-Anlage auf Firmendach von Noordtec

The future of the corporate energy revolution lies on your own roof: installing a photovoltaic system not only offers ecological benefits in terms of sustainable value chains, but also gives you decisive control over your company’s energy costs. With lower system prices, photovoltaics is also becoming attractive for SMEs, reducing electricity costs in the long term and stabilising them for decades.

Innovative options such as intelligent battery storage and energy management systems (EMS) offer additional opportunities. An EMS optimises the load profiles of various consumers, while intelligent battery storage systems in combination with flexible electricity prices enable cost-efficient use. This flexibility, together with intelligent energy management systems, enables companies to maximise the use of their solar power and significantly lower their electricity costs.

Qualified consultation from PV experts is crucial in order to maximise the full potential of the photovoltaic system. As a specialised local company, we offer you many years of experience, personal on-site consulting and a comprehensive full service for photovoltaics – from planning to (remote) maintenance and service.

The benefits of a PV system at a glance:

  • Reduction of external power consumption
  • Stabilisation and reduction of electricity costs
  • Load profile optimisation
  • Increasing sustainability in the creation of value

Together we can shape a sustainable and cost-efficient energy future. Let’s talk about it!

Carmen Schön
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