26. February 2024

Change in the management board

Von links nach rechts: Gerhard Willms, ehemaliger Geschäftsführer Noordtec; Thomas Wright, Geschäftsführer Noordtec; Marcus Reher, Geschäftsführer Noordtec

Today we would like to share some special news with you. Our esteemed Managing Director Gerhard Willms (left) has decided to take his well-deserved retirement.

We would like to thank Gerhard very much for his commitment and the successes we have experienced together since Noordtec was founded in 2017. At the same time, we are pleased to announce that Thomas Wright (center), previously an authorized signatory and experienced strategist, will take on the role of second managing director alongside our managing director Marcus Reher (right).

In addition to his expertise, Thomas also brings a refreshing dynamism and innovative spirit. We are convinced that he will continue the successful development of our company and provide new impetus.

We would like to congratulate Gerhard Willms on his well-deserved retirement and warmly welcome Thomas Wright to his new role. Here’s to a continued successful journey with a breath of fresh air and proven stability!

Carmen Schön
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