AUBLOG | The PV system hits the roof


New building, Photovoltaics

AUBLOG | The PV system hits the roof

25. May 2023

This week, our own PV system is being installed on our new building.

New building

#BAUBLOG | Everything according to plan

31. January 2023

The work is progressing in line with the construction schedule. As things stand, there's nothing…

New building

#BAUBLOG | Progress is being made

7. October 2022

By now, you can really imagine where and how we will be working from around…

New building

#BAUBLOG | Topping-out ceremony

24. August 2022

The building shell is complete! Yesterday, we were able to celebrate our topping-out ceremony with…

New building

#BAUBLOG | First inspection with the team

18. July 2022

To increase the anticipation of our new company building a little more, we took the…

New building

#BAUBLOG | The basic framework is in place

28. June 2022

The basic framework for the first production hall is in place.

New building

#BAUBLOG | Brickwork in production hall 1

17. June 2022

The brickwork of the office building's ground floor is almost complete. The masonry works on…

New building

#BAUBLOG | Brickwork on the ground floor of our new office building

31. May 2022

Progress is clearly being made with the new building. Particularly since the civil engineering work…

New building

#BAUBLOG | Excavation work completed

19. April 2022

At the beginning of April, the civil engineering work on our new building site on…


We are celebrating our anniversary! 5 years of Noordtec

27. March 2022

On 27 March 2017, five years ago today, the company was entered in the commercial…